Electro Magnetic Field (EMF)

EMF is a specialty of Moreton Bay Service Location and the main technology used in the location of Underground Services. It is the most accurate way to locate buried metallic utilities.

Simply put, an electro magnetic signal from the transmitter is impressed onto the target and detected by the receiver. Our locators are specialists in this field and have vast experience in the industry, meaning the accuracy is second to none.

Knowing where objects are underground can save digging in the wrong place saving time and money. Carrying out Underground Service Locations can accurately locate services should there be a need to tap into pipes or instal pits or valves over them.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Moreton Bay Service Location has the ability to locate non-conductive underground
services using the Impulse Radar PinPointR GPR. Ground Penetrating Radar is a Geo-Physical, non destructive method that uses Radar pulses to display an image of shallow subsurface features.

Underground objects

High & low voltage cable


Communication cables

Sewer & stormwater


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